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How do you make a corporate event interesting

Corporate Event

How do you make a corporate event interesting

Did you know that there are more than 1.3 million business events held in the UK each year?

These corporate occasions are an essential part of modern business culture around the world. Not only are they a powerful tool to form new connections, but they are also an excellent opportunity for team building and promoting your brand.

However, with countless corporate events on offer throughout the year, organisers are now facing the challenge of making theirs stand out from the crowd.

A successful example should be not only informative, but also engaging and memorable enough for attendees to want to return.

So, to help you organise a corporate event that people won’t forget easily, this article identifies the essential elements to include, suggests foolproof corporate event ideas that have stood the test of time as well as providing creative concepts guaranteed to win over guests.

What should be included in a corporate event?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to planning a corporate event because each one will have its own unique identity.

That being said, we believe there are a number of components that should always be included to ensure a successful and, importantly, engaging event for everybody.

Networking opportunities

One of the biggest reasons people in the world of business choose to attend corporate events is the unparalleled networking opportunities.

While the digital world provides great resources to connect, such as LinkedIn, most people would agree that there is nothing quite like talking to someone face to face. In fact, according to a study by LinkedIn, 80 per cent of professionals find networking essential to their career success and close to everybody believes that face-to-face meetings build stronger long-term relationships.

We believe that designing your event to include opportunities for guests to connect with other professionals is essential to its success.

This could be done by scheduling a networking session brunch at the start of the day, through an interactive workshop, or as part of a fun icebreaker activity.

Guest speakers and award presentations

In recent years, guest speakers have become a staple at corporate events across all industries, and it isn’t difficult to understand why.

Inviting influential and dynamic speakers who can inspire and motivate your attendees can instantly elevate your event and make it a day people will think about in years to come.

However, not all guest speakers are created equal, which is why you should be mindful of approaching individuals who will be informative, resonate with your audience, and be able to talk about relevant topics.

Award presentations are another key element that can turn any corporate event into a success.

A recent study suggested that 47 per cent of employees want to receive a spontaneous, personalised reward that feels genuinely earned.

We reckon one of the best ways to reward people is with a beautiful bespoke glass award they can cherish forever.

Awards are a great physical reminder of personal achievements, and these prestigious ceremonies are something that many people look forward to at annual corporate events.


Corporate events can occasionally drag, particularly when it comes to parts of the day that focus on the business side of things. However, breaking up proceedings with entertainment is one of the best ways to ensure your event doesn’t feel interminable and gives attendees something to look forward to.

A relaxed and enjoyable environment helps the day run smoothly.

There are many ways to create this atmosphere, such as live music performances, interactive games, comedians and other entertainment options that encourage audience participation.

These options are all great for breaking up the monotony and holding your attendees’ attention.

Team building

Networking and team building often go together at corporate events, helping strangers turn into friends in a matter of minutes.

By incorporating team building exercises into your event, you can help encourage collaboration between attendees and, more importantly, establish new relationships.

These types of activities can range from problem-solving challenges like escape rooms or an intriguing crime scene investigation to group competitions that foster camaraderie.

Interactive workshops and breakout sessions

Another great way to keep the event moving and ensure your attendees remain engaged is by including interactive workshops and breakout sessions.

These scheduled events should allow everyone to actively participate and potentially learn new skills.

Any workshops should be relevant to your event and provide practical takeaways that will be of interest to people attending.

Corporate ideas that never fail

When it comes to planning a corporate event, there are some ideas that have been proven to be successful time and again.

There are always new and innovative approaches that are certainly worth considering, but to ensure your attendees have a positive and engaging experience we have detailed some of the best corporate event ideas.

Awards and recognition

Awards ceremonies are common in the world of corporate events, permitting organisations an opportunity to celebrate individuals and recognise their achievements during the event.

These ceremonies can be great for boosting morale, inspiring others and, most importantly, making people feel noticed and appreciated.

As mentioned previously, glass and crystal awards engraved with branding and personalised to the individual are an incredibly elegant and unique method of showing appreciation.

Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers have always been another staple of corporate events, bringing together the best in the business to share their insights and expertise.

By inviting industry leaders and other renowned business speakers to discuss exciting and relevant topics, you not only add credibility to the event but also offers something valuable that will draw in more attendees.

Team building

According to statistics centred around team building effectiveness, employee satisfaction increases by up to 50 per cent when surrounded by people with whom they are friendly.

It is clear that by nurturing these relationships, organisations can make significant improvements to daily work life and employee happiness.

Statistics such as this demonstrate why team building has become such an integral part of many corporate events.

Incorporating challenges and activities that encourage collaboration amongst employees and strangers can help to build strong relationships and ensure a successful event that attendees will remember fondly.

Panel discussions

Panel discussions are among the most popular approaches to discussing interesting and insightful topics at corporate events.

By organising a panel with experts from a variety of fields, you can encourage your attendees to be part of an interactive conversation that represents a range of thoughts and perspectives.

How can you make a corporate event interesting?

So far, we have discussed what should be included in a corporate event, and some suggestions, but now we are going to explore some of the fun and exciting methods of enhancing the experience for your attendees.

Interactive tech

When you incorporate interactive technology into your event, you engage attendees in an interesting and exciting way while allowing them to participate in a hands-on environment.

New tech, such as virtual reality experiences, augmented reality booths, or interactive touchscreens, are all great innovative methods of keeping guests engaged and entertained.

Recently organisations have even started to integrate AI, such as ChatGPT, into their events to provide personalised and real-time assistance to attendees by answering their questions and resolving any issues that arise.

Overall, interactive tech is a great way to demonstrate how your organisation values progress and looks to the future for new and emerging technologies.


Incorporating gamification into your event is proven to make the day feel more interactive and enjoyable for attendees.

According to stats from Eventflare, 90 per cent of employees they surveyed say they feel more productive when taking on gamified challenges, and 48 per cent say it makes them feel more motivated.

Whether you want to include interactive quizzes, mobile apps that encourage participation, trivia games or even a competition, these gaming elements help to infuse energy into the day.

Theme-based activity

While theme-based events might not be appropriate during the business sensitive portion of the day, they can be a great addition to a post-event reception.

This less formal portion of the day can be elevated with a unique and captivating theme such as Back to the 80s, Hollywood glamour or winter wonderland.

A well-executed theme creates an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone, allowing attendees to work hard and play harder.


Everyone loves a surprise, and by incorporating surprise elements throughout your event, you can create these unique moments of delight and excitement for your attendees.

There are many great ways to surprise guests, such as having a live band perform as they enter the venue or even leaving small gift bags under their seats.

At some corporate events, we have seen surprise business award ceremonies to finish the day and make attendees feel appreciated.

Thousands of corporate events are held across the UK every year, but the real challenge lies in making them enjoyable enough so that attendees are eager to return.

Planning and executing a successful corporate event that meets your business objectives while captivating your audience requires careful consideration by incorporating tried and tested ideas and a sprinkle of creativity.

By combining the strategies we’ve discussed in this article, you will be able to create a corporate event that not only achieves your organisation’s objectives but, more importantly, leaves a lasting positive impact on attendees.

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