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How do you write an invitation to a corporate event?

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How do you write an invitation to a corporate event?

In 2022, there was more than a million conferences and events in the UK, marking a significant recovery for the sector after the coronavirus pandemic.

Corporate events seem to be back for good, but the question is: are the attendees?

Zoom and Google Meet were essential over the past few years to keep businesses and events running, but now it’s time to entice people back to in-person gatherings, and that starts with an invitation.

A well-crafted invite captures the attention and interest of its recipient, and in this article we’ll provide you with our exclusive insights on how to write the best corporate event invitation.

How do you write a good event invitation?

A good invitation opens with a compelling headline that captures the attention of your desired guest. Short, simple, punchy phrases that highlight the significance and importance of your event are usually the most effective here. For example; ‘(Event Name) is on (Date). Get Your Tickets Now!’

Anywhere between five and 10 words is ideal, providing enough detail to pique interest.

If you have successfully drawn people in with a worthy headline, the next challenge is clearly and concisely stating the event’s purpose and other essential details. This should include the date, time and location as well as why it’s happening.

You should also mention any key speakers, fun activities or other notable features, such as award ceremonies, that will likely draw them in.

If you haven’t already, we always recommend personalising your invitations by directing them to a named individual or company.

Nobody likes to feel like they are being spammed, and research shows that people are 26 per cent more likely to open emails with personalised subject lines. By tailoring your invitation to an individual recipient, you will make people feel valued.

Another popular marketing tactic when inviting anyone to an event is to make it appear exclusive. Phrases such as ‘by invitation only’ or ‘limited tickets available’ are great ways to encourage attendance. 

Finally, you should end your invitation with a clear call to action that asks the recipient to RSVP by a specific date to an address, email or QR code link.

How do you write a corporate event invitation email?

Given most people’s inboxes are flooded with spam emails on a daily basis, digital corporate event invitations often require a different approach, starting with the subject line.

That is the prompt for recipients to open the invitation, which is why it is crucial to get it right. Concise and to the point is key; let people know exactly what they are invited to using five to seven words because the rest may be cut off.

Once you’ve done the tricky part of getting the recipient to open your email, the next job is to make it as visually appealing as possible. Free design applications such as Canva can help you incorporate visual elements like brand logos, photos, etc. These additions will help to foster brand recognition and make your event appear more professional.

As with any invitation, physical or digital, you must include relevant information like the date, time, location and dress code. In an email, this information should be clearly displayed, and you should consider using bullet points to make it easily readable. If they need any QR codes, ticket information or registration information within the email, this should be made clear.

Finally, you should always provide a clear RSVP option that is convenient for them to use, such as a button or a link within the email.

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