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Fundraising ideas for sports clubs

Female sports team holding trophy

Fundraising ideas for sports clubs

In 2023, there were 9,196 sports clubs in the UK, a figure that has continued to rise in recent years.

Now more than ever, sports clubs are an integral part of local communities, providing a place for talent to be nurtured and encouraging active and healthy lifestyles among individuals of all ages.

However, sustaining these clubs has never been more challenging with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and limited resources.

Here, we’ll be discussing innovative fundraising ideas for sports clubs that offer organisations opportunities to generate all-important funds while engaging with the local community and members.

How do local sports clubs make money?

It’s no secret that local sports clubs often operate on tight budgets and rely on the community’s support, membership fees, local sponsors, and fundraising events.

These funds help pay for rent, energy bills, coaching costs, equipment, insurance, travel costs, and a whole host of overheads that go unnoticed.

However, with each of these areas increasing in cost, clubs are now having to find new and exciting approaches to sustainably generating revenue to ensure the longevity of their organisation.

How can my club raise money?

Here, we’ve detailed some innovative sports club fundraising ideas that groups across the UK have used to raise money and engage the local community.

Digital fundraising events

With the rise of social media, many sports clubs have begun to utilise digital fundraising platforms to reach the local community and a broader audience.

TikTok and Instagram are great tools for scheduling live events where you can speak directly to your audience to encourage them to donate and tell them more about your club.

You can direct them to a GoFundMe or JustGiving link to donate, or you can use a TikTok creator fund account to allow people to donate ‘gifts’ that translate into various amounts of money.

Local competition

Organising competitions or a local tournament will help not only showcase the talent of your teams but also attract other participants and interested spectators.

This creates a prime opportunity to sell tickets and merchandise and even network with local businesses interested in sponsoring the club or a specific team.

To add a touch of prestige to the event, those involved can be awarded participation medals, and those with exceptional skills can be awarded personalised trophies and awards to highlight their talent.

Awards evening

Celebrating players’ achievements by hosting an awards evening not only honours their hard work and dedication but can also help raise funds.

Tickets can be advertised and sold to players, friends, family, and the general public.

As part of the event, the club can hold an auction or raffle to raise additional funds with prizes donated by the club in the form of memorabilia and experience days, as well as donations from local businesses.

Sponsorship packages

Local businesses will often jump at the chance to support a local sports team. Not only does it increase their brand awareness in the local community, but it also helps them meet their corporate social responsibility goals for the year.

Your club can develop sponsorship packages that offer businesses different levels of exposure and recognition in exchange for ongoing financial support.  

This could include printing the business logo onto uniforms, banners at matches or highlighting the brand as a sponsor on social media.

What grants are available for sports clubs?

Alongside fundraising, securing grants from the government, sports associations, and other foundations is a great way to provide your club with financial stability.

Some grants will offer equipment upgrades, new kits, paying for facilities, and even one-off payments to support youth programs.

Here, we’ve detailed some of the avenues worth exploring:

Government grants

There are various government and local council grants available for sports clubs and organisations across the country. These grants can help target specific groups of people or sports that currently align with government priorities.

You can visit the House of Commons Library page on UK sports funding for individuals, organisations and teams to learn more.

Sporting associations

Many sporting associations across the UK offer grants and funding to support local sporting clubs every year.  A great example of this is the Football Foundation, which regularly provides sports grants of up to £25,000 to grassroots football clubs.

You can research organisations relevant to your sport for available funding and programs.

Community funding and foundations

There are a number of community foundations set up to support youth, health or community development.  One of the most well-known is The National Lottery Community Fund, which donates £600 million a year to communities throughout the UK.

Sports clubs and organisations can apply for up to £10,000, depending on what is required.

Start your fundraising today with sports trophies and awards

Integrating competitions, trophies, and awards into your sports club fundraising efforts will not only help generate revenue but also improve your club’s reputation.

If you are considering hosting a fundraising event for your sports club and would like to learn more about our Sports trophies and awards or any of our other bespoke products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01527 400092 or email us on and we’ll get straight back to you.

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