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Bespoke and Standard Ribbons

Bespoke and Standard Ribbons

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Time to complete your bespoke medals with a 100% custom designed ribbon! Our bespoke ribbons can capture your events, clubs or company’s branding perfectly through the use of UV Colour printing. At any width required and able to be customised with your logos and even photographs, these bespoke ribbons are sure to stand out on the recipient!

For our standard infinite loop ribbon style, we sew the loop ribbons directly attached to the medal in a “V” shape at no extra cost. For our clip ring style medals, the ribbons are sewn onto a clip connected to the medals, which are able to be clipped on and off, again at no extra cost.

Our bespoke medal ribbons can also be made into a velcro style!

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Our range of standard medal ribbons consists of 33 colour combinations, all measuring at a width of 22mm. They are all the ring clip style for medals, allowing for attachment and detachment.

The list of standard ribbon combinations is below:

Black, Black & Gold, Black & Orange, Black & Red, Black & White, Blue, Blue & Red, Blue & White, Blue & Yellow, Glitter Bronze, Glitter Gold, Glitter Silver, Glitter Red & White & Blue, Green, Green & Gold, Green & White, Light Blue, Maroon, Maroon & Gold, Maroon & White, Navy, Navy White, Orange, Orange & White, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Red & Gold, Red & White, Red & White & Blue, White and Yellow.

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Enamelled Medals

Our full colour Enamelled medals are an excellent bespoke option to reward recipients in that extra special personalised manner.

Regardless how creative and complicated your logo/design may be, our enamelled bespoke medals can recreate your visions into the perfect award!

Wooden Medals

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative? Look no further than our Eco-Friendly Wooden Bespoke Medals!

The ultimate alternative to traditional metal medals, these wooden medals are FSC approved and are perfect for brands and events promoting environmental excellence!

UV Colour Printed Medals

One of the newest methods of customising bespoke medals, our UV Colour Printed medal ranges offer a stylish and unique way of ensuring a truly bespoke product.

We can print in full colour, including gradients, onto metallic, acrylic, and even wooden surfaces!