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Bespoke Custom Medals

Bespoke Custom Medals


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Celebrate achievement like never before with a truly custom Bespoke Medal, Badge, or Coin! 

At Trophies2u, we can offer a vast range of different bespoke medals, perfect for every occasion.

With various medal finishes and materials, as well as complete full-colour designs, these are the perfect way to award recipients in that extra unique way.

Our medals can come in any size, any shape, and any thickness with cut-out designs!

With various standard and bespoke ribbon options, the possibilities are endless!

With thousands of different combinations of colours and materials, any logo or design can be tackled.

Enamelled or non-enamelled, UV Colour Printed or Wooden, we can recreate your visions into the perfect keep-sake.

See below for our popular Bespoke Medal variations, more information on our customisation process, design process, material finishes and Bespoke Ribbons!

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Bespoke Medal Styles

Browse our most popular Bespoke Medal variations!

Our full-colour Enamelled Medals are an excellent bespoke option to reward recipients in that extra special personalised manner.

Regardless how creative and complicated your logo/design may be, our enamelled bespoke medals can recreate your visions onto the perfect award!

The most popular type of bespoke medals, the non-enamelled custom medals are a more economical option for your medals.

A more traditional style available in the standard Gold, Silver and Bronze, these medals are also available in a wide variety of different metal finishes!

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative? Look no further than our Eco-Friendly Wooden Bespoke Medals!

The ultimate alternative to traditional metal medals, these wooden medals are FSC approved and are perfect for environmental friendly organisations!

One of the newest methods of customising bespoke medals, our UV Colour Printed Medals range offers a stylish and unique way of ensuring a truly bespoke product.

We can print in full colour, including gradients, onto metallic, acrylic, and even wooden surfaces!

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Extra Information

Find out more about the different stages and process involved in creating Bespoke Medals

Unsure of our processes or what medals you would like?

We are more than happy to assist and advise. We understand how important it is to produce a bespoke item to match your branding and organisations and are always available to help. Please feel free to contact us using our Livechat facility or alternatively, contact us using the below!

Looking for something different?

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Bespoke Badges 

After a bespoke badge? Our Bespoke Badges offer hundreds of shapes and sizes, with different pin and bar backings.

Available in various materials and finishes, these bespoke badges can be enamelled or non-enamelled!

The badges can also be screen printed instead of enamelled, as sometimes intricate designs cannot be filled and enamelled with colour to a high enough visual quality.