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Engraving & Personalisation Services

Engraving & Personalisation Services

Laser Engraving


We know how important it is to get it right. Our experienced team fully understand the importance of your customisation needs and oversee the full production process, from start to finish, ensuring control over your order at all times.

Our website, Trophies2u, features over 10,000 products, with the vast majority being able to be personalised to your exact requirements. With our extensive knowledge in engraving using only the very best industry technology, we ensure your order receives the quality it deserves!

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This is our most popular method of engraving as it provides precision engraving, down to the nearest millimetre. Able to engrave on most metals, glass, crystal, acrylic, wood and more, laser engraving is the most versatile and precise method of engraving.

The process works by using the high intensity laser beam as a chisel, incising marks by removing layers from the surface of the material. The technique does not involve physical contact between item and machine. 

You can have your logos, crest and text laser engraved, giving a professional, personalised stylish finish. 


Diamond Drag Engraving is a high quality, traditional method of metal engraving and involves physical “drag” contact between machine and item. It works by removing the top coloured metallic coating to expose the bare metal underneath.

The tool used for diamond drag engraving is a diamond graver, consisting of a steel shank with a conical pointed diamond embedded in the end.

We use this method to personalise larger, more traditional items, like Salvers, Shields and Presentation Cups. A very suitable option for a more traditional feel!


UV Printing has become one of the most flexible and visually appealing print processes made, and its uses are almost limitless. Using UV printing technology, we can print custom designs, images, text and even photographs onto various different materials. These can include metals, wood, glass, crystal, acrylic and more!

UV Printing works by instantly curing specially formulated inks on materials using UV light. Print heads eject ink with exact precision onto the material, then is instantly cured by the UV lamps. This allows for picture-perfect detail, and although a more expensive method of customisation, it is sure to turn heads!

Sandblast engraving
Sublimation printing


Sandblast engraving is a more traditional method of engraving glass and crystal products. It providing a beautiful effect of a permanent frosted finish with the design and wording etched into the surface of the material.

Sandblast engraving works by spraying fine sand at high speed over the surface of the material which etches away the surface of the material. During sandblasting, areas that are to remain transparent and not engraved are masked for protection.

We use this method of engraving for drinking and crystalware, including bowls, vases, goblets and other types of glass.


Sublimation printing is a popular method of colour printing which aims at transferring a design from sublimation paper, onto a piece of fabric or material by using pressure and heat (between 350-400 degrees C.)

The design is printed onto sublimation paper, and the inks are turned to gas when brought under heat. These gases combine with the fabric and permanently print onto the material. The effects are permanent and less prone to fading, as the ink is imbedded within the material, rather than laying on top like a normal print.  We often use this method to print on metal signs, mugs and coasters. 



Our vinyl centres are a cost-effective way to personalise your trophies and medals to represent your team, club, event, brand and competition. We have a huge range of trophies and medals that feature a small circular disk area that enables you to personalise with a 25mm (1″) or 50mm (2″) full colour vinyl centre.

For our non-sports specific trophies and medals, you have the option to choose from over 70 of our standard centre designs – ideal for transforming our non-specific items into the thing you desire.

For our sports-specific trophies and medals, you have the option to upload your own centre artwork. A cost-effective, popular method of customising trophies with your own team and club logo. For our range of standard centre designs, we charge 0.25p per centre print on each item.

For uploading your own artwork, we still charge 0.25p per print, however there is a £15 artwork set-up charge for brand-new artwork. If we have used your logo/designs before, you have the option to select we have done so and there will be no artwork set-up charge.

Artwork, Logos & Graphics Requirements


To produce the highest quality artwork and finished products, we do require any artwork to be sent in vector graphics format. These file types include .EPS, Adobe Illustrator .AI, or CorelDraw .cdr files. These files are defined by mathematical equations rather than made up of pixels, so they always appear at the highest resolution at whatever scale. Vector graphics are mainly used for printing and engraving work.

Other file types like JPEGs and PNGs are known as bitmap graphics, and are composed of pixels. This means that during printing, the machines will pick up and print the blurry edges when the image is scaled up. Use the slider on the right side to see the difference between the two graphics.

We charge £5.00 per item to engrave your logo, although please note, if a vector version of the logo is not available, there may be a re-draw cost depending on the quality of the logo. We will quote for the re-draw before we do any work. We do charge a one-off set-up charge of £15.00 for new logos and graphics, however if we have used the logo before, there will be an option to select this and no set-up charge will be applied. 

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