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Non-Enamelled Medals

Non-Enamelled Medals

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The most popular type of bespoke medals, the non-enamelled custom medals are a more economical and versatile option for your awards. A more traditional style available in the standard Gold, Silver and Bronze, these medals are also available in a wide number of different finishes and materials!

Available in the infinite loop ribbon style, ring clip ribbon style, or plain medallion, our bespoke medals can come in any size, any shape and with cut-out designs!

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Our bespoke medals have a minimum order quantity of 100 due to their highly unique production process. Any quantity after 100 is available! Contact us today to receive a quote based on the quantity required.

When designing these medals, we offer different design styles for enamelling. We can enamel on one side with a plain or engraved reverse, same enamelling on both sides, or a different enamelled design on each side.

You can even choose different personalisation options for the finished bespoke medal. We offer services including diamond drag engraving, laser engraving, and even UV Colour Printing, for a high quality detailed print! See our CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS for more.

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Enamelled Medals

Our full colour Enamelled medals are an excellent bespoke option to reward recipients in that extra special personalised manner.

Regardless how creative and complicated your logo/design may be, our enamelled bespoke medals can recreate your visions into the perfect award!

Wooden Medals

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative? Look no further than our Eco-Friendly Wooden Bespoke Medals!

The ultimate alternative to traditional metal medals, these wooden medals are FSC approved and are perfect for brands and events promoting environmental excellence!

UV Colour Printed Medals

One of the newest methods of customising bespoke medals, our UV Colour Printed medal ranges offer a stylish and unique way of ensuring a truly bespoke product.

We can print in full colour, including gradients, onto metallic, acrylic, and even wooden surfaces!