Trophies by Sport / Event


Sports trophies can be engraved to suit any occasion, from team victories to personal achievements, and Trophies2u has beautiful bespoke awards to ensure lasting memories for athletes and teams alike.

From football and golf to badminton to basketball, we’ve got stunning trophies for them all!

What sport trophies do you supply?

At Trophies2u, we stock a huge range of sports trophies featuring flat engraving plates that can be personalised for as little as £1.50.

Our collection covers not only a vast array of sporting trophies but also speciality trophies for events ranging from art to chess.

That selection includes:

Placement trophies

We offer a diverse selection of first, second, and third-place trophies perfect for any sports tournament, academic competition, or competitive event. Whatever the occasion, our customisable placement trophies serve as a lasting reminder of an individual’s hard work and dedication.

Achievement and victory trophies

As part of our sports trophies collection, we also supply from a range of achievement trophies, both big and small. Designed to honour teams and individuals who have shown perseverance, dedication and sportsmanship, our trophies are the perfect personalised mementoes.

Sports trophies

From football to swimming, basketball to weightlifting, our collection of sports trophies covers a broad spectrum of athletic events. Whether you want to recognise a win, an outstanding performance, an incredible team or an individual’s skill, we have trophies to honour athletes at every level.

Speciality trophies

We recognise that outside of the sporting world, there is a whole world of unique talents, hobbies and events that each deserves recognition. Whether you want to celebrate artistic talent, culinary skills or even gardening abilities, we can provide personalised awards to acknowledge every achievement.

Engraved sporting trophies

Whether you want to engrave names, dates, club logos, or even details of sporting accomplishments, our team will work hard to deliver. You can learn more about the options available by reading our engraving & personalisation services page.

Need trophies for a sporting event?

If you have an upcoming football tournament, athletic event, basketball game, or any other competition, then we are sure to have the perfect award to suit your needs.

We proudly provide clubs, institutions and organisations across the UK with sports and event trophies that can be personalised with high-quality engravings tailored to commemorate their unique achievements.

To learn more about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today by calling us on 01527 400092 or send an email to